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Missions of Ministry of Commerce


Missions of Ministry of Commerce


Missions of Ministry of Commerce
Acting on trades, service businesses, intellectual properties and other government services in accordance with the law to be the authority of the Ministry of Commerce or government agencies under the Ministry of Commerce.

Primary Roles
1. Missions in the country

To monitor and control prices of agricultural products and incomes of agriculturists.
To guard the rights of consumers under the legal framework of the Ministry of Commerce.
To promote and develop businesses in both goods and services.
To protect intellectual properties.

2. Missions in overseas countries
To conduct international trade negotiations that include negotiations under the frameworks of WTO, FTA, sub-regions, regions, etc.
To organize and manage import, export as well as trading grains to the state, trading tapioca, goods and terms.
To resolve problems and maintain commercial interests, such as GSP control and anti-dumping taxation.
To promote and accelerate exports.


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