MOC 103 Years

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   Association of Southeast Asian Nations

   Asean Free Trade Area

   Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation

   Asia-Europe Meeting                          

   Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

   Thailand-Australia CER-FTA                                                  



   Europa Union

   Food And Agriculture Organization

   International Monetary Fund

   International Trade Centre

   The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

   Japan External Trade Organization

   Japan International Cooperation Agency

   Market Access Sectoral and Trade Barriers Database

   Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

   Moody's Investor Service

   North America Free Trade Area

   Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

   The International Trade Administration

   Trade and Development Centre

   U.S. Census Bureau

   U.S. International Trade Commission

   U.S.Department of Commerce

   U.S.Department of Labor

   United Nations

   United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

   United States APEC Index

   United States Trade Representative

   World Bank

   World Bank(Thailand)

   World Trade Organization



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